Hello and welcome!

Hi friends!

I am here, at last. So many people telling me, an indecisive bookworm who believes basil should be grown in pots throughout the year: start a blog!, you’re a great writer, YOU have talent! So here we are. The talent has arrived to a screen near you.

Seriously, I am Bex, Bec, Rebecca (never Becky – I’m not your mother-in-law’s Pomeranian) and I am (let’s face it), a late-twenties graduate with no idea what to do next.

So, what do you need to know:

  • Since forever I have been and wanted to be a writer of words, music, lyrics, poems, stories, best-selling cookbooks and astronaut programs.
  • I am from New Zealand, and grew up for  13+ years in the tropical paradise that is Far North Queensland.
  • I read, sleep, eat, dream, sleep, eat, read, sleep, read, eat.
  • I love old people, as in, I love looking after them and caring for them.
  • I have a double degree in English literature and Russian language.
  • I have Endometriosis, mild PCOS and all the things that come along with them.

What can you expect to see here:

  • Bloggish bloggery blog stuff including (but not limited to): poems, thoughts, mindfulness, idle daydreaming, life updates, memories, prose, book reviews,  bookish content and perhaps even the odd recipe.
  • The inspiring (read: inelegant) real life story of my learning to live with my conditions.

So, that’s that. It’s been lovely knowing you all and I hope you’re as excited as I am for this venture into the unknown.

For now,

Do svidaniya little chickens!


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