The Versatile Blogger Award

BIG THANKS to the magical Ann over at @Ann Reads Them for this wee award! Chances are you’re already following Ann’s beaut reviews, but if not, best get on over there and check out her blog choc’o bookish goodness!

The Rules:

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7 Facts:

  1. I took piano lessons as a ten year old and even though I never practised I was a top student. I eventually gave it up after two years because I felt bad for wasting my parents money. Thanks to those years though I am a decent sight reader and having studied music all through high school I am not too shabby on my theory. I also played guitar for five years but I gave it up because it left me feeling like a fake. Go make sense of that one :’)
  2. I grew up in a little sugar cane farming town – hence the name of my blog. In hindsight I look fondly back on the town and it’s main street with four pubs and annual pyramid race – yes that’s right – the centre of the town was it’s natural pyramid shaped mountain. Hilariously enough, this town was where the cane toad was first introduced to Australia and I am damn petrified of those things. I used to lock myself in the car at night until I could see a path to safety.
  3. After finishing high school, I spent a year studying fashion design convinced it was my life’s calling. It wasn’t. Lesson learned. And I can still sew the basics when I’m in the mood.
  4. You may have already guessed this one. I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis. I also have diagnosed Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and ye olde Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’m fully aware these are in no way life threatening but they do make my day to day life kind of tricky. I’m learning, slowly. I’m also dealing with frequent anxiety – but a new job and routine as well as a low dose of medication is working wonders.
  5. As a kid I loved hiding in the secret corners of the garden and writing poetry. Nothings changed.
  6. While I have a double degree in English and Russian, in another life I would love to  be an astrophysicist, alas, science isn’t at all my strong point. I did study Geology in first year and loved it.
  7. I love a good film festival. A few years ago I saw three films back to back and about eight over the course of the 2-3 weeks. Of course I would’ve seen more but life has this tendency to get in the way. I also relish those few weeks a year I can go to the cinema as I have a rather large distaste for action packed Hollywood blockbusters. Sorry, not sorry.


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Congrats if you made it this far and thank you for reading. I hope you are all well and reading and living and loving and feeling.

For now,

do svidaniya friends xx